When did you last have a really good portrait of yourself taken?
There are a variety of personal and business needs that a portrait can meet:

* Author Portraits for book jackets, promotion, website and magazine bylines

* Personal Portraits for family, parents, website, facebook and buiness

Whether you need a portrait for work or play, Anne Lindsay has a full array of lights and backdrops to create just the right image.

Public Relations Portraits and Head shots

Public relations portraits are those photographs which accompany books, news articles, press releases, and other more. They are distributed without charge to editorial departments of newspapers, magazines, newsletters and wire services.

Anne offers several styles of portraits for PR purposes. The background choice is yours. The samples below illustrate some examples:



Creative Fee

Our studio

$150 (package includes 5 images on disk - 1-3 people

Studio at your location

$600 (includes 5 images on disk per person– 6 people.

Location Assignment

$1,200 (package includes 5 images on disk – 7-12 people 5 images per person)

Each additional subject




Makeup Artist


Over 12 people

$100 per person




Sessions at our studio are on Tuesdays 10:00, 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. and Thursdays 10:00 and 3:00 p.m.

Location Assignments must be scheduled in advance and must include assistant. Make up Artist recommended.

Contact us at or 425 391-2226 for additional pricing information and business brochure. 


Licensing and Copyright

License is granted for 1) submission to wires services, 2) publishing images in newspapers and trade publications, and 3) in-house promotional use and press kits. Images may be used for mementos, gifts, and other personal use without restriction. 

The images/photographs on our disk are the exclusive property of Anne Lindsay of Anne Lindsay Photography.   All photographs and rights therein, including copyright, remain the sole and exclusive property of the photographer. 

The term “Photograph(s) means all photographic material furnished by the photographer hereunder, whether transparencies, negative, prints, digital reproductions or otherwise.  Photographer’s copyright notice © 2008 Anne Lindsay of Anne Lindsay Photography shall accompany use as an adjacent credit line. 

The Client may not assign or transfer their agreement or any rights granted hereunder. Photographer will retain copyright ownership of images and reserves the exclusive right to license usage to third parties. 








Janet Wong


Roger Blier, CEO, Passport Unlimited: “Anne is creative, spontaneous, flexible and fun to work with!”