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Redheads and More Redheads
"the first 100"

Anne Lindsay, Author and Photographer

This book is a special limited edition created to thank the first 100 redheads who have been photographed and interviewed for the book. The book is a beautiful compilation of photos which includes a forward, full page photos and pages with 9 smaller images. Photographing the first 100 redheads took 2 years, the second 100 redheads will take 8 months and the final 100 redheads will take 9 months in 2011. This is not the final book.

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Custom limited edition book
©2010 Anne Lindsay

9" x 12", 46 pages, full color

$175.00 plus tax and shipping

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Copyright (c) 2010 Anne Lindsay. All Right Reserved

Dog Park Diary
"the social round of Goody Beagle"


by Kim Pearson, Author and Ghostwriter
Photographs by Anne Lindsay

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ISBN 978-1-932279-93-1
©2008 Kim Pearson
60 pages, 8.5” X 8.5”
full color
Pub date: June 1, 2008

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Copyright (c) 2008 Kim Pearson. . All Right Reserved


Before it Wriggles Away , Author Janet Wong




a Meet the Author book

    What is a typical day for author Janet S. Wong? Shopping for groceries, cooking, doing email, driving her son from school to his lessons…Oh, yes, and writing books, too!

The Meet the Author series is a collection of autobiographies photo-illustrated to give children a glimpse into the lives of authors. Photographer Anne Lindsay captured several unusual images of Janet Wong for Before It Wriggles Away, including a photo of Janet with her mouth wide open in the dentist’s chair, a photo of Janet in the co-pilot’s seat on an Alaska Airlines plane (headed from Janet’s old home of Seattle to her new home of NJ), and a photo of Janet holding Star the Gecko, the pet gecko of Fiona, Anne Lindsay’s very calm and brave daughter.

Grabbing hold of ideas before they slip away (like a gecko) is central to Before It Wriggles Away. So many of us have a story to tell; how many of you once had a “great idea for a book”—except you can’t remember it anymore? If you jot a note on an envelope while waiting in the car, make a few more notes at the dentist’s office, build on your writing five minutes before a hockey game, and revise it late at night, you can make that story happen!

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Before It Wriggles Away
By Janet S. Wong
Photographs by Anne Lindsay
Richard C. Owen Publishers
Publication date: January 2007
ISBN: 1-57274-8613; $14.95
Ages 7-12

This book is available through Richard C. Owen Publishers and Amazon

Copyright (c) 1999 Janet S. Wong. All Right Reserved


Janet Wong

Kim Pearson, Author: “In Anne’s photographs, the dogs’ personalities shine with mischief, curiosity, playfulness, and of course the thing that makes dogs most special – love.“” and

Janet Wong

Janet Wong, acclaimed Children’s book author

This is what Janet had to say about Anne...
“Anne Lindsay has a special talent for re-inventing people, for catching you off-guard in order to capture the real you. For our book Before It Wriggles Away, a “Meet the Author” book commissioned by Richard C. Owen Publishers, I was presented with a live gecko to hold. It was quite unexpected and yet wholly appropriate, since I used to spend hours as a child trying to catch lizards—and my most popular book, Minn and Jake, is about that experience. Anne’s inspiration created a visually-exciting book with great child-appeal!”