Anne’s love of photography started with her daughter. She says, “I just couldn’t stop taking photos. To this day, when I see a child on the street, I’m sometimes filled with an irresistible urge to sneak a quick snap.”

Look at any baby or child over the course of a day, and what do you see? A million different expressions. Smiles. Pouts. Love. Mischief.

Anne Lindsay Photography can help you capture the magic of your child’s face like no one else. Anne exhibits a sense of play in which children sense: “She’s one of us.” And in a single sitting, she will take literally hundreds of shots that capture your child at rest and at play, in quiet and traveling at the speed of sound.

Anne’s photography is all about sharing and collaboration. Anne will share herself with you - including her one black shoe and one white one - and in the sitting, she will discover your story as well. The children will move, laugh, dance, and roll around, with Anne clicking her camera shutter.

When the session ends, Anne will have taken dozens of images to choose from. She will create two sets of images - one in black-and-white, and one in color. You choose the perfect images, hold them to your heart, and share them with others.

Anne offers a variety of session options for families and children. Her signature Family Portrait Plan includes four photographic sessions to use over a two year period, to fully document the ever-changing nature of your child.






Janet Wong

KJ: “I felt like a model, you know like Derek Zoolander . I really liked the picture when I was staring at my sister with googly eyes, trying to figure out if she was naughty or nice and I decided she was naughty."