AND MORE REDHEADS - The Seductive Red Flower

Some of the most notable flowers in nature and in our vases at home are red. We send lovers red roses on Valentine's day. Red tulips in the spring cheer us up. Of course, there are many more red flowers that catch our eyes in gardens and parks.

Anne had taken her redhead book to the next level, to Mother Nature herself. Her new book project is an amazing study of luminous red flowers which float on a soft velvet background. Anne has ferreted out amazing redheads from master gardeners, flower growers and flower developers. She had found some in her backyard and at the local grocery store and at farmer's markets.

Selected quotes from botanical writers, news paper column authors, historical garden tomes and seed packages add zest to the book. See samples of her red flower images and writing on her More Redheads - The Seductive Red Flower Blog.



My home was in Columbia but I ended up in Washington. Anne found me and immortalized me in pictures. I can't wait to see the other redheads for her book!