Do geckos have forked tongues?  Nope.   Do goldfish only have a 5 second memory?  Nope.  Do dogs and cats like to have fun?  Yep.

Pet owners are a misunderstood breed. Only other pet owners really understand the passion that drives you to pamper your pet more than you do yourself, and buy organic kibble, exotic cat toys, or haute couture dog costumes.

Anne Lindsay understands. A dog owner herself, she treats her pet subjects like the royalty of the animal kingdom that they are.

Sit, Boy!

In a sitting, Anne will work with your pet’s personality so that your pet feels safe and loved. There are a variety of settings she can use for your pet’s portrait:

  • For more formal portraits, Anne’s studio in Sammamish, Washington;
  • For more natural photos, Anne’s fenced-in yard on the banks of Pine Lake, or gallivanting in one of the many local parks;
  • Your own home. This option is ideal for pets who despise car travel, preferring the yacht or private jet.


Janet Wong

Goody Beagle, Dog: “[Anne’s] photos of me make me look perfect, which is just what I am.”