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A book about Redheads? Absolutely. Redheads and More Redheads is a book about people who have naturally red locks. Recently, redheads have been referred to as the new blonde. In the past, they were known as witches and flamboyant men. We will be interviewing 60 redheads to get their personal stories. It seems that 21st century redheads in the United States are considered beautiful, unique and left along. Only 4% of the population of the United States are redheads.

In England, Scotland and Ireland, being a redhead does not have the prestige of their U.S. counterparts. 14% of the population of Scotland are redheads. In England, they are known as Gingers. There are other countries like Jamaica where there was a mixture of Irish and blacks from Africa who intermarried creating black redheads.

We have included redheads who are known as strawberry blondes to dark auburn. Usually, once a redhead, always a redhead. For those redheads who have turned gray, we will be including them in our book. Stories of their flaming youth to their gray years are inspiring.

We are at the beginning of our book project and are looking for ordinary, unique, funny and outrageous redheads to include in the book. We are hunting for the illusive redhead. We are asking all our friends, clients, web site visitors to contact us with names of individuals, couples, families, twins/multiples and unique redheads to participate in our project.


MORE REDHEADS - The Seductive Red Flower

Some of the most notable flowers in nature and in our vases at home are red. We send lovers red roses on valentine's day. Red tulips in the spring cheer us up. Of course, there are many more red flowers that catch our eye in gardens and parks.

Anne had taken her redhead book to the next level, to mother nature herself. Her new book project is an amazing study of luminous red flowers which float on a soft velvet background. Anne has ferreted out amazing redheads from master gardeners, flower growers and flower developers. She's found some in her backyard, at the local grocery store and at farmer's markets.

Selected quotes from botanical writers, news paper column authors, historical garden tomes and seed packages add zest to the book. See samples of her red flower images and writing on her Redhead and More Redhead Blog.



Anne Lindsay Photography- Redheads and More Redheads

Genetics and History

Human Pigmentation Genetics, Melanocyte Biology and Melanoma by Rick Strum

Jonathan Laurence Rees, Professor of Dematology, University of Edinburgh, his lab identified a ‘gene for red hair’

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Duke University, Duke Chemists Find Possible Reason Why Redheads Have More Skin Cancer

National Geographic, Photo: Some Neandertals Were Pale Redheads, DNA Suggests

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" Increased Sensitivity to Thermal Pain and Reduced Subcutaneous Lidocaine Efficacy in Redheads" - NIH Author Manuscript

Redheads Need More Ansethesia by Dr. William Camann

Smithsonian - Rethinking Neanderthals by Joe Alper

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Books with redheaded characters

Anne of Green Gables, 100th Anniversary Edition by L.M. Montgomery

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Freckleface Strawberry by Julianne Moore and LeUyen Pham

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Redhead Dolls/Toys

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Redheads, National Geographic Article, September 2007 - the Mother of bad redhead research

The Red-Haired Girl from the Bog: The Landscape of Celtic Myth and Spirit by Patricia Monaghan

Times on Line - The future looks black for redhead by Jonathan Leake, Science Editor



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We all have ideas for a book. They come and go, flip flop in and out of focus. Some just don't want to leave so I've decided to put them down on paper. I've created photos that fall into the following list of book ideas. I continue to collect images and some day I might have enough photos to actually organize the images and create a book, or two or three. Watch out for other ideas to ebb and flow. Maybe one day in the future, the ideas will turn into pages, covers and a spine to share with other readers and picture book lovers.



When I was in the first grade, I had trouble reading. My problem was bad enough to put me in a remedial reading class during summer school. By fifth grade, I still had troubles reading and was ashamed of my lack of skill. I took big books out of the library hoping someone would see me with big books and think, "Wow, she's got to be a great reader. Look at that huge book". I continue to be a slow reader.

I loved picture books and art. I ended up being an Art History Major, an Arts Administrator and an Architect. Pretty pictures and academic tomes. In 1987, I turned off my TV for twenty one years, got a list of all the Pulitzer Prize winners and read them all. I'm hooked on reading. Having a book on my lap,under the covers, in the waiting room, leaning on the tread mill book holder and stuffed in my purse is a thrill. Beside reading myself, I love to see others reading. I know about struggling with reading and finally winning. My camera is always looking for those stolen moment of people reading at the bus stop, in a restaurant or on the grass. Those moments Caught Reading.


As babies, our mothers cuddle us up in swaddling clothes, blankets and baby bunting. After our showers, we wrap ourselves up in bath towels and scramble between the bathroom and bedroom. Being cuddled up on a cold winter night on the couch reading is great for the soul. Trying to dislodge from the sheets after an exciting dream can be a challenge. The involuntary straight jacket can save a person who can't control themselves.

Being all wrapped uplooking like a human cocoon fascinates me. My camera has caught children all wrapped up in a big white down comforter, a pregnant mother in a beautiful piece of silk and a plumber wrapped in duct tape laughing like a crazy guy. . Those moments all wrapped up.



In the age of the internet, anyone with a computer has at one time or another, goggled their own name. It's fascinating to see how many hits we get for our own name. Usually, we also find other people with exactly the same name.

I'd say, "Hey, she has my name, too." But how many other Anne Lindsay's are there. After 5 years of looking and the invention of face book and other social network sites, I've found 20 other Anne Lindsay's. I've actually contacted 15 of them. . I've become friends with Anne Lindsay, the violinist, from Toronto. I sent her one of my prints and she sent me her music CD.

Each Anne Lindsay has her own story. I have my own story. Yep, those other Anne Lindsay's have my name, too.